The “Daily Spend”


UPDATED 4/16/18! Details below!

Hey all. So I’ve decided to start posting my “daily spend” on Instagram (financialsloth). Not sure how it will go, but sometimes I just look at how much I’ve spent on stuff during the day and ask, “did I really need all that?”. Today, it was just food so the answer was totally yes.

3/26/18 Daily Spend = $8.29. Follow me on Instagram for (hopefully) daily updates!

3/27/18 Daily Spend = $20.12. Details on Instagram.

3/28/18 Daily Spend = $18.89. Today work provided lunch so no spending there! So a good day to stock up on yogurt and apples 🙂 Instagram

3/29/18 Daily Spend = $0! Had work functions all day that provided great food. Zero out of pocket makes me a happy sloth!

3/30/18 Daily Spend =$16.17. Treated myself to a few slices of prosciutto on a Friday night. I’m hoping to get a full blog post out tomorrow so check out the page over the weekend!

3/31/18 Daily Spend =$34.56. Bought some groceries and a cookie!

4/1/18 Daily Spend – $33.52. Happy Easter everyone! Got a whole chicken and some bulk greens today. Going to try and have a frugal week! Wish me luck!

4/2/18 – Daily Spend – $3.70. Thanks to my chicken purchase yesterday, I just got a few greens for lunch and dinner. <$5 day!

4/3/18 – Daily Spend – $16.75. Lunch, blueberries, granola, and apples for the week.

4/4/18 – Daily Spend – $6.65. Had a work lunch and this evening spend should be dinner for the rest of the week! Stay tuned!

4/5/18 – Daily Spend – $5.21 – restocking on granola. Also supplementing yesterday’s greens with some frozen salmon. – Yum

4/6/18 – Daily Spend – $6.17. Just lunch out today. Look for a full post tomorrow!

4/7/18 – Daily Spend – $183.06 – had to restock on home essentials and food. Also got some more cologne. Unnecessary, yes, but I’ll indulge it once a year. Here’s to a more frugal week!

4/8/18 – Daily Spend – $28.74. Got my chicken for the week with some spinach, cheese, and pumpkin seeds. Good lunches this week!

4/9/18 – Daily Spend – $0! Good day!

4/10/18 – Daily Spend – 2 days in a row without any spending! $0

4/11/18 – Daily Spend – $76.74 – today I finally had to fill up with gas and had to take someone else out to lunch!

4/12/18 – Daily Spend – $8.27 – I forgot my lunch at home and had to get food outside. I was really looking forward to my spinach and chicken salad.

4/13/17 – Daily Spend – $12.00. Went out and had two cheep drinks. Party sloth.
4/14/18 – Daily Spend – $28.54 – lunch out and some groceries for the week. Also spent $1 on a couple wicked games of pinball!
4/15/18 -Daily Spend – $32.15 – dim sum with peeps.
4/16/18 – Daily Spend – $5.25 – just a bunch of spinach. Mmmm.
4/17/18 – Daily Spend – $0!
4/18/18 – Daily Spend – $20.98 – another chicken, apples, granola, and some butter!

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