The Value of a Stay-at-home ____________.

Let me get this straight right from the start. This is NOT a post about stay-at-home moms. Nor is it a post about any moral values or judgements. Our situation is that my wife is “at home” (more on what that means in a bit), but someone else’s situation could be different. Wife, Husband, Partner,... Continue Reading →

Four months with a sloth

So here are the breakdowns of our 2018 expenses so far. I wanted to give everyone that reads this blog a better picture of how we spend for the month. As always, some caveats. This is, by no means an ideal anything. It is not us saying, “This is how it should be done.” This... Continue Reading →

Repost: The “2-Minute Financial Assessment”

So this was a fun post from Budgetsaresexy. I recommend killing a few minutes and seeing where you end up. My answers are below. Have fun! Here we go…. Answer “Always”, “Sometimes,” or “Never” for each of the following statements, and then see below for the answer key. Come on Warren Buffett, come on Warren Buffett!! #1. I pay my... Continue Reading →

My Ideal Day

This is a great exercise that I do quite often, but never really thought it was a “thing” until I saw Get Rich Slowly’s awesome post on finding purpose. As he and others have well put it, if you don’t know WHY you are being frugal and spending endless hours reading personal finance blogs, you... Continue Reading →

Money Mindset

For anyone that might be reading these posts, they will know that I spent a good deal of time in China. About 10yrs to be more precise. Other than my wife and kids, the best thing I gained out of my time in China was a different relationship with money. To preface this whole article,... Continue Reading →

Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple revenue streams kind of sounds like board room jargon that is being thrown around by senior execs that didn’t do their homework and are trying to fake through a presentation. But in reality, it just refers to the number of different ways you make money. Have a job? That’s a revenue stream. Drive Uber... Continue Reading →

Opportunity Costs

Happy Holiday weekend everyone! I have been looking forward to this post all week. It is something that I think about a lot and something that Mrs. Sloth and I come back to when we are weighing a purchase. Investopedia defines opportunity cost as “…a benefit that a person could have received, but gave up,... Continue Reading →

The “Daily Spend”

Hey all. So I’ve decided to start posting my “daily spend” on Instagram (financialsloth). Not sure how it will go, but sometimes I just look at how much I’ve spent on stuff during the day and ask, “did I really need all that?”.

Let’s talk…

Welcome! At Financial Sloth I hope to talk about my own financial journey and get feedback from others about theirs. While my journey to financial freedom is far from complete, I hope to find some companions along the way. I will post my experiences and what I know and I will share what others have... Continue Reading →

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